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December  21, 2006 16:32

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To make a suggestion please follow these links. : If did not find any answers here, please try We want to see in our city too - I would like to suggest a category or a sub category these links to add your suggestions.

  • I am wondering when will come to our city?

    We do not have any time tables. Please go to our forum and suggest by yourself.


  • How can add a new category?

    In order to add a new category, you need to go to forum and find the right section and suggest your new category.


  • Why did you delete my ad?

    Because of our flagging system, our users reports so many ads to us every day. That means we review those ads and delete some of them because they do not complaint with our Terms of Use

    At least 15% percent of the ads deleted by our users..

    95% of those ads are not complaint with our Terms of User.

Still you have questions? help desk - contactus.

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