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December 11 2008 15:30

About Us > Help > where is my verification email...!?!


If you did not receive your email verification email, you should consider reading these:
  • If you are using one of these free email system (Example: Hotmail or Yahoo or Google), they might put the email message to Spam / Junk / Bulk folder. You need to check those folder and mark that message as "SAFE".

  • Sometimes people make mistakes while writing their email. If this is the case there is no way you can get the message. Please post a new ad and make sure that you enter you email address correctly!

  • Some ISP (Internet Service Provider) use SPAM filter and block our emails. If this is the case you have to get another email from other ISP like or

  • Sometimes between ISPs or Internet connection speed delay messages. If this is the case you need to wait a little bit longer to get the our verification email..

If you are still not getting the message, you need to post a new ad using a new email address...

Still you have questions? help desk - contact us.

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