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May 15, 2008 23:04

About Us > help > adding picture or image

You can add 3 (three) images to your ad (listing). You can use the Post Ad form and there is a section in that form you can browse and add the pictures to your ad. You have to pay attention to image size and KB.


You can ad 3 different pictures to your ad. Let me explain how you are going to do this:


First when you get the section add picture to you ad; you need to hit hit the BROWSE button and find the picture that you want to upload to your ad. After finding your picture, hit ok and program will put that first picture field in the form. You repeat this for other pictures too (if you want to upload more than one)


If you want to delete or upload a new picture to your ad, you can do this by clicking on the link that came with verification email.

Do you still need help? help desk or contact us.

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